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Ghosted UK w/ Paranormal Investigator Tim Johnson

July 05, 2021 Geoffrey Cameron (aka Papa Geoff)
Papa Geoff's America
Ghosted UK w/ Paranormal Investigator Tim Johnson
Show Notes

Do you believe in ghosts, in the paranormal?  Have you ever been somewhere and felt a sudden cold draft pass through when the rest of the room is a normal temperature?  Have you ever felt as if something touched you and nothing was there?  Have you ever heard of someplace that was reported to be haunted, and being curious, you went there too – and maybe you got more than you bargained for?  Has something happened to you, or have you seen or felt something that you just can’t explain? 

Well, today’s guest has experienced all of those things and more.  He realized at a young age that he had been given a gift.  So he decided to embrace and pursue it.  Tim Johnson is a paranormal investigator with Ghosted UK.  He’s been there and done that and he’s gonna share some of his experiences with us today.  I really enjoyed this conversation with Tim and  I know you’re gonna enjoy it as well.  I can't wait to have him on again.  Many many thanks.

Blessings my friends - Much love and respect always - Enjoy the broadcast -
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