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"Let's Talk" w/ Art Rios

May 17, 2021 Geoffrey Cameron (aka Papa Geoff)
Papa Geoff's America
"Let's Talk" w/ Art Rios
Show Notes

On today's broadcast - “Let's Talk” is the new book about making your life exciting, easier, and exceptional.  Now you’re probably saying things like, “I’ve done this before”, or “what do I have to do to follow this program”, “etc., etc.”  And that would be a natural way to think – But I think you’re gonna change your mind after you hear my conversation with Art Rios.  Practicing attorney and author in St. Petersburg Florida, he strongly believes that whether you’re 18 or 80, it’s never too late to make the most of your life.  Now that just makes sense.  I was so honored that he came on the program today.  Many many thanks...

Enjoy the broadcast - Much love and respect always,
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