Papa Geoff's America

Tenacity w/ Tom O'Driscoll

May 03, 2021 Geoffrey Cameron (aka Papa Geoff)
Papa Geoff's America
Tenacity w/ Tom O'Driscoll
Show Notes

In this episode, Tom O’Driscoll from Hersham England is with us for another conversation in our “From Across the Pond” series.  Tom’s a very accomplished musician and songwriter.  Papa Geoff talks with him about his musical career, his Album “Tenacity”, and how the title track got its name. Tom’s very talented, very driven, and very dedicated and I know you’re gonna really enjoy this conversation.  I was so honored that he came on the program today.  Many many thanks...

Enjoy the broadcast - Much love and respect always,
Here we go...

Papa Geoff...

Music & Lyrics by Tom O'Driscoll
(Used With Permission)
© Tom O'Driscoll

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