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Steady Rollin w/ Fernando Poma

March 15, 2021 Geoffrey Cameron (aka Papa Geoff)
Papa Geoff's America
Steady Rollin w/ Fernando Poma
Show Notes

Today we gonna do some  Steady Rollin.  Fernando Poma joins us today from El Salvador.  He is one of the great talents that make up the Steady Rollin Band, a blues/rock band that features the talents of Fernando as well as Benjamin Andrade on percussion and Gerardo Pardo on bass.  These guys are amazing - I can't wait til they tour in the U.S.A. (I'm so there!)  It's an amazing conversation and I was so blessed to have him on our show.  Many thanks...

Enjoy the broadcast - Much love and respect always,

Here we go...

Papa Geoff...

"Must I Die Alone"
Music & Lyrics by Fernando Poma
(Used With Permission)
© Fernando Poma / Steady Rollin Band

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